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Chrysalis was the queen of former hive Delta in the east, and lost her crown after being defeated by the Elements of Harmony.

-Unlike what many ponies say, the queen was not born a pony – she was always a changeling. The story of her once being a pony started because of her resemblance to an alicorn before they knew that some changelings boasted wings and horns. Not much was known about this bug-like species, and they are still a mystery to this day even though some are integrating with ponies. They are private creatures and most are not comfortable talking about their times under Chrysalis’ rule. Other changelings from other hives are the same way. It took Spike forever to make Thorax open up about their culture, lives and creation.

-Despite showing her brutality and violence towards ponies she did care about her subjects. They were desperate, hungry and she didn’t know another way to obtain love then to raid pony towns, and eventually Canterlot. 

-Chrysalis is taller than both Luna and Celestia but not by much. She is one of the tallest changeling queens in the land. Some changeling hives create more large, tall offspring but if they obtain love in copious amounts they will grow more fast and strong. Chrysalis came from another hive and took over the one she is most known for leading. No one really knows where she really hails since her colors probably changed to match the hive she won, signifying that she became queen when she was young. She was a successful queen and kept her subjects fed and full of love until times fell hard at the rise of the Elements…

-Unlike a lot of changelings, Chrysalis liked the finer things in life including nice wine, jewelry and makeup. Her subjects thought it was a bit odd but eventually things like eye shadow became popular among them (that they’d steal, of course). They were the more flashy hive in Equestria and boasted many beautiful colors among them and can actually taste things besides love.

– She was offered another chance by the alicorn sisters including Twilight Sparkle, thanks to Thorax putting in a word for her. Reluctantly taking their hand of forgiveness and second chances, Chrysalis is carefully watched and many ponies are still wary of her but she seems to to want to mend the wounds she has opened over the years…her and Celestia also seem to get along pretty well. The former queen sees how ponies are accepting and taking in her old subjects and it opened her eyes a bit – maybe she can start over and try at being queen again, but this time in a way that is along the side of ponies…? At the end of the day she cares about her children and subjects.
So I want to try drawing some of the canon characters along with some headcanons… just for funsies. It’s good practice too! I’ve never, ever drawn Chrysalis before but I think she came out fine. I want to incorporate the show’s style more into my ponies too (bigger heads and more chibi-fied bodies). I always liked her and thought she was cool. It was sad that she hasn’t been reformed because I felt for the changelings.

She has no next gens (so far) but maybe that might change. By children I mean all the changelings that were hatched under her rule – she considers them hers.


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In Treue fest
Simply splendid! This really is an excellent look for Chrysalis!
Unlike a lot of changelings, Chrysalis liked the finer things in life including nice wine, jewelry and makeup.

That certainly seems to me like it would be to her taste. She has that sort of manner about her, I’d say.
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Praise Chrysalis!
She looks superb! And it’s a nice head-canon; I can definitely see her fawning over more mundane (to changelings, anyways) things such as wine and jewellery.
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