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Artist's description from DA:
Was super inspired by Earthsong9405 mane six lineup, as well as MustLoveFrogs and Lopoddity anthro art to create my own anthropomorphic versions of my ng characters.

Originally I didn't have any defined heights for them but I feel it could perhaps be fun for people to have some sort of real life reference for how big/small they are. Unfortunately I'll only be writing it out in cm so if you want to know it in feet or inches or whatever you use then you'll have to do some converting through google searches.

Haywire: 147. Small and slim. Has trouble focusing on one thing at a time and will often bounce around all over the place looking or interacting with things. She wears pretty much whatever catches her attention and is known to wear mismatching stuff. If she can't make up her mind on shirt or a pair of pants she will also resort to cutting the garments apart and sew them together to make a mix of the ones she couldn't choose between. She also enjoys getting other ponies old clothes and enjoys hand me downs and second hand clothes just a tad bit too much. Jewlery is also something she greatly enjoys and she likes making her own.

Silver: 168 cm. Silver is a slim and athletic plank. This doesn't concern her though as she tries hard to live up to her mother Rainbow Dash's skills and acomplishments. She is however far from as naturally talented at flying as her mom is and is very clumsy and unagile in the air. Her wings are not suited for flying fast nor make sharp turns as they are rather for long distance flying, something she has a hard time coming to terms with as it hinders her goal of becoming a wonderbolt. She always wears some sort of sport clothes, constantly ready to get up and try her hand at some air acrobatics.
Silver harbors some strong feelings of jealousy towards her best friend Snap Apple for making it into the wonderbolts reserves, something that has made their friendship a bit tense as of late.

Snap Apple: 174 cm. Daughter of Applejack and Soarin. Typical of most Apple family members Snapple is a strong and muscular pony with legs of steel from working on the farm. She could easily squash a watermelon between her thighs. She has a slight masculine build as well as a pretty masculine shaped muzzle. What makes Snapple different from the rest of her family though is the fact that she is a pegasus. It is a mystery to everyone how she can be so heavy and still keep up with the best of the wonderbolts. She is fast and graceful while in the air and loves tight maneuvers and swoshing through the orchard between the trees. Most people see her as a cool and collected as she rarely shows much emotions however on the inside she can be a complete wreck sometimes (she is very shy, forgetful and constantly feels a compulsion to count things in her surrounding for no particular reason but to count things)
Snapple wears whatever she feels comfortable in (often times ripped old shirts and dirty jeans) and doesnt think much about "looking good" (the only thing she puts any kind of effort into is her hair)

Curtain Call: 156 cm. C.C is tiny for a stallion. He looks very delicate and frail as his body is super scrawny. Coupled with his long mane and pastel colored wardrobe there have been many instances of others mistaking him for a mare. Not that he really minds it. Curtain Call has a hard time relating with others as he is terribly shy and scared of others, not really knowing how to communicate with others naturally. He does still want to get close to people however and will often sit fantasising about what his life would be like if he had more people around him.
He has a huge and creepy crush on Snapple (she is just so strong, brave and just everything he wishes he could be) and often fantasise about them being a couple and her carrying him off into the sunset like a dainty princess being rescued by a strong, handsome knight. In reality they have never talked and Snapple barely knows he even exists.
C.C has a beautiful singing voice and is often heard humming along by himself

Honeycrisp: 160 cm. Honey is a dainty little lady with legs of pure steel. Like the rest of her family she is able to shake trees with one swift kick. When she was still living at the farm she used to help with all the farm work and does have some fair amount of muscles on her even though you can't really tell unless she flexes them.
She is a highly emotional person who is very much controlled by her emotions. If she is happy she is beaming and if she gets sad it can last for days. She often choses to see the best in others and can be described as naive. If someone breaks a promise they made or any kind of trust between them she will take it very hard.
Honey loves to wear pretty summer dresses with lots of floral patterns as she loves flowers.

Petit Choux: 90 cm. By far the shortest out of the whole cast. He doesn't reach much higher than any of the school foals which he really loathes. He stopped growing when he was around 7 years old and he and his family soon found out that he suffered from dwarfism. Still he is an ambitious man with a flawless work ethic. He dresses in custom made suits and wears expensive watches as to make a proper impression when meating people that he is a very professional person (he works as a food critic). His mother (Rarity) often has to hold herself back from awwing at her adorable little guy since he utterly despises when she does that and find it demeaning. He is a proud and snarky little thing who will tell people exactly what he thinks.
At night he works as a draq queen and calls himself Diamant as he performs in different night clubs. Rarity is thrilled to get to work on his little kiddie sized glamour dresses.

Bumblebee: 185 cm. An athletic guy with a love for nature and hiking. Often finds himself out on long camping trips and exploring the uncharted parts of the equestrian maps. Taking notes and drawing whatever interesting things he finds. He is a huge softie with a love of everything living but also has a strange fascination with what others might find unerving such as insects, spiders and anything that is poisonous or venomous. He never hesitates to throw himself over unsuspecting critters only to get a closer look at them. There has been many close calls with him and venomous snakes but he is never phased by it and rather finds dangerous situations to be "a fun experiance".
He has very small wings for his body size and is a very poor flier. He can fly if he really tries but can't really go too high or too far without getting tired. Instead he mainly uses his wings for extra boost when he mountain climbs or for keeping his balance whenever needed (or other such small things).
Is great at playing the guitar and likes sitting by a campfire playing in the middle of the night.

Scarlet Heart: 171 cm. Scarlet has a very feminine yet muscular build, and is a talented roller derby player who loves the thrill of competing and tackling people to the ground. She is a determined and strong willed lady who does whatever she wants no matter what others say. Her strong will is constantly setting her at odds with authority figures and she will not let herself be bossed around by anyone, she does what she wants when she wants it. This often leads to her acting a bit rash and doing stuff without thinking them through properly. Fortunately though she is a good person, deep down, who always finds herself wanting to help others she finds deserves it, no matter if they want her to or not.

Inkwell: 173 cm. A grumpy young man with a lot of personal issues. He has a rather "average" build as he is neither super muscular nor really all that lanky. He does however have a pretty bad posture from sitting hunched over his dusty old books and always have a slight slouch. Inkwell is a very grouchy and bitter person who always distance himself from others by acting rude and mean. Most of this comes from his insecurities about himself and his feelings of inadequacy, so to compensate he acts and talks like he is superior to others.
He is always seen carrying around notepads or books with him, seemingly always studying for something.
(good thing for him that Scarlet finds his gesuring cute otherwise she would have kicked him through a brick wall)

Sulphur Pie: 196 cm. Stoic and reserved are the two words most commonly used to describe her, right after intimidating and tall.
Sulphur is extremely tall for a mare thanks to her father yet she is still super agile and coordinated capable of performing numerous difficult stunts. She is rather lanky and skinny for her tall stature making her actually appear small next to her sister Peachy.

Perfectly Peachy Pie: 203 cm. Peachy is the absolute tallest mare in the cast. As a matter of fact she is actually the tallest normal pony as well (not counting alicorns or draconequus). Peachy opposed to her sister is very muscular. She is the strongest character in the cast and could easily take on all of the hardworking apple kids in a fight with little effort. Because of her sheer strength she is usually invited to the apple farm as extra help. Unfortunately though she is also rather clumsy and often trips over her own feet or drops things unexpectantly. She is also slightly chubby but dont let that fool you, she has a rock hard six pack underneath that fluff.
safe1615767 artist:vindhov276 oc627153 oc only418343 oc:bumblebee21 oc:curtain call49 oc:haywire26 oc:honeycrisp135 oc:inkwell61 oc:perfectly peachy pie10 oc:petit choux18 oc:scarlet heart32 oc:silver lining (vindhov)17 oc:snap apple18 oc:sulphur pie15 earth pony215953 pegasus257321 unicorn285291 anthro240210 unguligrade anthro44431 anthro oc28551 clothes426040 crossed arms4540 disguise4274 dress41142 female1286231 group3157 hat79534 interspecies offspring6480 jacket11369 long description67 male343851 mare439527 offspring35373 parent:applejack3486 parent:big macintosh2793 parent:cheerilee378 parent:discord2911 parent:donut joe166 parent:flash sentry2736 parent:fluttershy4311 parent:pinkie pie3729 parent:ponet35 parent:rainbow dash5132 parent:rarity3744 parent:soarin'2255 parent:trouble shoes364 parent:twilight sparkle7672 parent:wind rider22 parents:cheerimac261 parents:discodash43 parents:flashlight2354 parents:ponetshy28 parents:rarijoe57 parents:soarinjack137 parents:trouble pie46 parents:windash22 shorts12860 simple background361233 size difference12848 smiling224539 stallion97833 vest3644 white background90335


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