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safe (1373848)screencap (159821)applejack (142245)fluttershy (177204)pinkie pie (182497)puffed pastry (26)rainbow dash (197007)rarity (151329)sci-twi (17405)sunset shimmer (47874)twilight sparkle (250341)equestria girls (150921)equestria girls series (20229)spring breakdown (1752)spoiler:eqg series (season 2) (5493)alicorn (152437)animated (81765)blinking (2722)bundt cake (food) (10)cute (138603)diapinkes (6247)faic (9758)fake (954)food (47545)geode of empathy (1768)geode of super speed (1307)geode of telekinesis (1699)holding (1741)magic (54465)magical geodes (4396)mane six (24991)open mouth (98531)smiling (172780)smirk (8723)sound (4157)staff (2286)staff of sacanas (246)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (96628)webm (6436)


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