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safe (1378686)artist:dragon-v0942 (68)oc (502069)oc:magmace (micset) (5)oc:micset (46)oc:summer breeze (43)3d (48399)animated (82084)asphyxiation (1174)cheek squish (469)cute (139700)derp (5760)dragon (33195)eyes closed (64269)floppy ears (39571)grin (26457)happy (22468)holding a pony (2074)hug (21619)male (241424)nose wrinkle (2580)ocbetes (3075):p (5541)pegasus (173165)pony (650708)ponyville (4049)smiling (173663)smothering (406)source filmmaker (28629)spread wings (39157)squeezing (328)squishy cheeks (1663)stallion (67249)strangling (218)tongue out (72175)webm (6575)wide eyes (13773)wings (47815)

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