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So, I noticed that the ’elements’ that the Young Six got back in the Season 8 finale were switched in the upcoming Season 9.

Which seemed better and why?
safe (1355572)screencap (155714)gallus (3738)ocellus (2854)sandbar (3168)silverstream (3553)smolder (3758)starlight glimmer (35090)tree of harmony (564)twilight sparkle (247578)yona (2951)school raze (1899)uprooted (798)spoiler:s09e03 (798)alicorn (148810)changedling (5012)changeling (29208)classical hippogriff (3387)comparison (3462)dragon (31957)dragoness (4176)earth pony (128991)element of generosity (496)element of honesty (487)element of kindness (546)element of laughter (504)element of loyalty (655)element of magic (1364)elements of harmony (2128)female (693407)griffon (19789)hippogriff (5905)implied twilight sparkle (1120)magic (53494)male (234519)mare (302248)new elements of harmony (1)pony (632827)student six (1014)treelight sparkle (169)unicorn (177821)yak (2560)

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Background Pony #03AF
I agree with that.

The top one gives a more ’unique’ take on the element holders while the bottom one is just both blatant and random.
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The original ones seemed better. Gallus fits the "Element of Magic" archetype a bit better than the Token Pony of the group.
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Young Leosword
@Background Pony #41BC
Or maybe nocreature gives a shit. The colours emanating from Treelight could just be how She uses Her magic to empower six creatures or wake six creatures from within the dream world or beam six creatures halfway around the world. The Student Six definitely embody more than one Eye of Heaven, so there’s a possibility that simply everycreature could be a conduit for any of the six, even the bearers. :3
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Background Pony #41BC
The episode aired, and there’s still no good explanation why the colors are different.

Maybe it’ll never reveal a definite answer for which student is which element, and we’ll have to guess for ourselves.
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@Garro the friendly dragon
That’s a pretty sweet idea. I think they’ll use these powers to somehow in the final showdown after they’ve convinced each of their respective races to join the final battle, they then use the powers they’ve gathered to combine the friendships from everyone on the battlefield to defeat grogar once and for all
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Chief Chomp

(Previously known as Garro the friendly dragon)

I think that the tree of harmony had planted some of its magic into the Student 6. it knew it would be destroyed and some time down the line the student 6 unlock this power where Grogar is so close to victory but when the Student 6 come together thy glow and behind the student 6 the tree of harmony’s roots shoot out and destroy Grogars dark magic or evil monsters and behind the Student 6 the new revived tree of harmony will grow out the ground with the elements of harmony but instead of the elements going to the Main 6 the elements go to the student 6 .

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Shimmering Spectacle
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sTs trinity

The past, the present, and the future
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Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!
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Gallus as loyalty and Yona as honesty seem like they should be swapped…

…just like Rainbow as loyalty and Applejack as honesty.

It doesn’t quite fit, so it actually fits perfectly.
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Wonder why the glows used the pony colors rather than the actual element colors… To make it easier to remember which is which, I suppose.

* Ocellus as kindness and Silverstream as laughter are pretty safe.
* I don’t really see generosity as a particularly good match for Smolder, but it’s hard to pick one.
* Loyalty could’ve been any of the remaining three but I think matches Yona best. She always has faith in the others.
* Honesty, I think fits Gallus better. He seems to "tell it like it is" most often.

If I got to change them, I’d probably just switch Gallus and Yona.
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Background Pony #A18F
The new Guardians of Harmony, with the Mane 6(seven with Spike) now becoming the the Royalty 6/7.
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I like that now Smolder is generosity and Ocellus is kindness but I really wanted Gallus to be magic. I’m being loyality is fine but I think it would have fitted alot better and would have been a really cool bit of character development for him
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Background Pony #FEEF
The one in School Raze was more interesting.

Hoping that the arrangement at the bottom is just Discord screwing around. They’re definitely somewhere that he’s used his magic in because of the checkerboard floor and random stuff lying around.
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