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this is a wedding picture with the normal and genderswapped characters

Background by
FlutterShy vector reuploaded by Me
Pinkie pie by (deactivating his account i will reupload the vector)
Rainbow Dash by
AppleJack by
Rarity by
Twilight Sparkle by
Spike by
GenderSwapped six and Barbara by (tuxedos and dress by me)
safe (1430813)artist:404compliant (19)artist:90sigma (724)artist:drfatalchunk (47)artist:kayman13 (132)artist:mamandil (138)artist:psyxofthoros (71)artist:sapoltop (10)artist:saveman71 (14)artist:trotsworth (196)applejack (148033)fluttershy (184362)pinkie pie (189226)rainbow dash (204119)rarity (157817)spike (68648)twilight sparkle (260868)a canterlot wedding (2164)applejack (male) (957)applejacks (shipping) (36)barb (1391)bridesmaid dress (234)bubble berry (1364)bubblepie (108)butterscotch (1609)clothes (356177)dashblitz (177)dress (35079)dusk shine (2025)dusktwi (51)elusive (1009)female (761360)flutterscotch (101)male (258444)male six (39)mane seven (4828)mane six (26534)marriage (912)r63 paradox (52)rainbow blitz (2003)rarilusive (51)rule 63 (22753)selfcest (2430)self paradox (891)self ponidox (6228)shipping (164698)spikebarb (53)straight (109624)tuxedo (1088)wedding (1114)wedding dress (1355)


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