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safe1787161 artist:jargon scott2638 princess cadance33631 queen chrysalis36043 shining armor23956 alicorn239351 changeling51443 changeling queen18584 pony1098260 unicorn357793 2 panel comic1479 bisexual5817 chrysarmordance197 comic113633 dialogue69995 female1435485 german suplex43 gilligan cut40 john cena113 magic77318 male400260 mare519654 music notes3524 necktie7847 open mouth161889 polyamory7006 pro wrestling31 quadrupedal1891 saddle bag6178 shipping209768 smiling273238 sports3988 stallion121470 straight143571 suplex87 telekinesis29607 this will end in pain2104 window9273 wrestling1660


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I mean, there is the old theory with “SHINING HARMOR” in the comics…
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Okay, they’ve officially turned into siblings.
Luna: “Haha, yknow, you’re kind of like me and my sis-“  
Cadance: suplexes the royal sisters too