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safe1615193 artist:jargon scott2198 princess cadance31069 queen chrysalis33380 shining armor22077 alicorn205971 changeling42959 changeling queen13863 pony882880 unicorn285065 2 panel comic933 bisexual5161 chrysarmordance155 comic103318 dialogue60958 female1285793 german suplex41 gilligan cut38 john cena109 lesbian91834 magic68415 male343680 mare439305 music notes3014 necktie6570 open mouth129807 polyamory6424 quadrupedal1534 saddle bag5403 shipping188274 smiling224424 sports3135 stallion97770 straight127786 suplex79 telekinesis25627 this will end in pain1798 window7708 wrestling1510


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Okay, they’ve officially turned into siblings.

Luna: “Haha, yknow, you’re kind of like me and my sis-“
Cadance: suplexes the royal sisters too