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Uploaded by Background Pony #851E
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Small commission I got inspired by another pic.
safe (1377233)artist:silfoe (1481)ballista (65)smolder (3961)bet (66)commission (37719)crying (34433)dragon (33111)dragoness (4365)eyes closed (64194)female (710119)folded wings (2896)grimace (169)horns (3172)laughing (5774)lineart (12886)monochrome (131512)pain (1168)rivalry (168)simple background (277412)sitting (43776)sitting on tail (8)sketch (51486)smiling (173378)spread wings (39108)standing on one leg (261)tail (13489)tail stand (36)tears of pain (606)underfoot (202)white background (68373)wings (47683)


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Background Pony #274E
Before I go changing any tags, why is this marked ’abuse’? Where’s the abuse? Smolder tried sitting on her tail, it hurt, and Ballista’s having a good laugh at her failed effort.
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