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suggestive (108913)artist:pia-sama (1287)dj pon-3 (26225)rarity (151760)spike (64665)vinyl scratch (30323)comic:rogue diamond (367)adult (1846)adult spike (744)anthro (191766)breasts (190905)busty rarity (9053)busty vinyl scratch (2129)comic (84880)dragon (33128)female (710482)hot tub (204)male (241094)monochrome (131541)older (16708)older spike (3216)unicorn (184896)


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17 comments posted
Background Pony #F390
I hope very much to Spike, if they go in the underground, to have a good time with some hot big breasted zebras with blue almond eyes. Man, this poor guy worked hard and respected the protocol; and these evil mares do nothing but make him mad lust to make him feel humiliation and physical pain… And let this dragon empties his balls, which now will be big as watermelons!
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vevans0009's avatar
@Dirty Bit

Which is weird, considering they gave us the kirin.

Plus, it’s not like Dreamworks didn’t tread that minefield with Madagascar 2 XD

Does Canada not have enough black voice actors/tresses to voice any potential zebra character? Granted, Zecora was voiced by a white woman but still. x3
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Four Tet
@Dirty Bit
I’m sure she likes zebras, but in the underground world of arms dealing, it’s a raw coke, cutthroat business. She’ll probably lay waste to her own family if it means she gets to be on top of it. Thank God this is an AU!
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Background Pony #98D4
Sorry Pia but you need a correction in the first panel, you had Rarity say contact instead of contract.
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