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The first of the two hybrids for icey-wicey-1517
I loved designing her so much! She's one of my favorites so far!
(I also tried a more chibi style with the head shot. Tell me if it looks ok if you see this)

Name: Lucy (if you call her that she will kill you)
Nickname: Angelica
Personality: snobby, kind of a bitch, secretly very insecure very confident
-Thinks she's better than everyone cause she's an angel pony (she isn't but she won't tell anyone that)
-Very mean to demons and hybrids
-Dyes her hair and covers her right eye to hide the fact she's a hybrid
-Natural hair color is black
-Claims her halo drips black because she loves art and it's just reflecting that (unknown if that's completely true)
-Actually does love drawing, it's one of the things that makes her relax a little
-Very scared that others will find out she's a hybrid and hate her
-Loves piercings and will change them a lot
-Has snake bite piercings below her lip, a nose ring, and 4 pairs of earrings currently

Hope you enjoy!
safe1691715 artist:rose-blade28 oc675588 oc only443450 oc:angelica (angel)1 angel pony100 demon2870 demon pony1278 hybrid18344 original species24900 pegasus286161 pony953376 angel938 black sclera2046 chest fluff38289 choker11776 colored sclera684 ear fluff28902 ear piercing25775 earring20772 female1349632 freckles28366 heterochromia5341 jewelry62242 mare473706 necklace18388 nose piercing2659 nose ring2113 piercing40439 simple background388506 slit eyes4502 snake eyes199 solo1054192 tattoo5480 transparent background200235


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