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EQI 2011-2019
Filthy Rich: Now, I’m sure you have concerns about your new mother’s past…attempted take-overs of your homeland. And you’re probably confused about why we’re in a serious relationship, yet this is the first time you’ve met her. But she’s really important to me, kiddo. besides, she’s a queen. which would make her daughter a…?

Diamond: That’s all I need to know! Mom, can I go over to Twist’s to gloat about being a princess?

Chrysalis: Not until you eat your peas.

Filthy Rich: She’s evil but fair.


Twist: But she’th not a queen anymore, she got depothed.

Diamond: The tags say ’queen Chrysalis’, that makes it official.

Twist: but…they altho call her ’printheth ember’…

Diamond: Official!
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