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safe (1378042)artist:tcn1205 (239)applejack (142595)coloratura (2409)rarity (151796)equestria girls (151612)clothes (338875)comic (84896)cowboy hat (9657)crying (34459)cute (139583)female (710814)hat (60230)jackabetes (3948)jealous (954)lesbian (77478)rarabetes (140)rarajack (177)raribetes (3424)rarijack (5767)rarijack vs rarajack (3)shipping (156704)smiling (173535)stetson (4225)


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Ohh Rarity, all you need to do is get closer, AJ would be very proud to introduce her girlfriend to her oldest friend.

Or you could always call Autumn Blaze and Strawberry Sunrise to join Coloratura and give AJ an amazing weekend.
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