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Artist Comment:
Continuing from my humanization of the Mane Six of My Little Pony, I added some more characters I felt like I needed to do right now. I think I'll keep doing these until the show actually ends this year as a farewell to the series. Maybe the next set will be the royals.

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safe1584882 artist:chillguydraws52 apple bloom46788 big macintosh26690 derpy hooves48155 maud pie11787 scootaloo49050 spike74393 sunset shimmer57435 sweetie belle46611 trixie62829 human144250 boots19274 bow24831 breasts245245 cape9213 cleavage31378 clothes414049 curvy5897 cutie mark crusaders18100 dress40091 female1184712 hat77111 high heel boots4901 hourglass figure1343 humanized95165 jacket10993 jeans3501 light skin4584 male324259 mary janes1079 miniskirt4764 moderate dark skin700 pants12529 shirt21644 shoes30970 shorts12494 simple background348467 skirt36091 socks57558 tanktop6881 transparent background180877 trixie's cape3403 trixie's hat4182


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