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Artist Comment:
Continuing from my humanization of the Mane Six of My Little Pony, I added some more characters I felt like I needed to do right now. I think I’ll keep doing these until the show actually ends this year as a farewell to the series. Maybe the next set will be the royals.
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safe (1376843)artist:chillguydraws (47)apple bloom (41872)big macintosh (24404)derpy hooves (45025)maud pie (10729)scootaloo (45193)spike (64574)sunset shimmer (48013)sweetie belle (42344)trixie (53905)boots (15131)bow (17885)breasts (190691)cape (7067)cleavage (26014)clothes (338486)curvy (4938)cutie mark crusaders (15468)dress (33332)female (709860)hat (60169)high heel boots (4292)hourglass figure (978)human (125663)humanized (86573)jacket (8188)jeans (2189)light skin (4469)male (240819)mary janes (966)miniskirt (3259)moderate dark skin (622)pants (8929)shirt (15963)shoes (22089)shorts (9716)simple background (277293)skirt (29970)socks (46801)tanktop (5565)transparent background (145411)trixie's cape (2640)trixie's hat (3278)


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