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First, it was a doodle to see if I can do a falling pone, then I spent too much time in it that I have to finish it. Anyway, here’s them falling.
safe1584125 artist:spheedc430 oc607437 oc only408131 oc:bolly16 oc:dream chaser113 oc:sphee107 oc:velvet sky14 earth pony205035 unicorn272973 semi-anthro10809 bipedal30864 calm132 clothes413751 cloud27703 digital art13858 falling2509 female1181470 filly59808 freefall71 glasses55084 island329 jacket10984 machine1043 male323386 mare425907 ocean5544 propeller87 reaching out193 scared9414 skirt36070 socks57519 stallion94066 suspenders499


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