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SOMETHING CUTE to start off the Season of flowers, romance, shipping and whatnot!
Have yourselves a Great and Lovestruck unicorn duo! What more needs to be said? ❤
safe (1356616)artist:rupertbluefox (80)starlight glimmer (35113)trixie (53176)belly touch (8)blanket (3789)blushing (144705)boop (5810)chest fluff (23276)crossed legs (2047)cuddling (6702)cute (135457)cutie mark (31598)daaaaaaaaaaaw (2259)diatrixes (2122)eyes closed (63084)female (694198)glimmerbetes (2710)grass field (425)heart (35741)horn (18948)hug (21209)laying on side (624)lesbian (75667)mare (302644)noseboop (2157)pony (633473)purple eyes (1240)shipping (153463)signature (13665)smiling (170013)snuggling (6014)squishy cheeks (1626)startrix (1976)unicorn (178081)


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