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/d/ for the Draw Thread. Anon 1 wanted a short haired Tavi, Anon 2 wanted hugs… porque no los dos?
safe1678754 artist:crimsonsky73 octavia melody23525 earth pony238549 pony941260 alternate hairstyle27459 aura840 blushing192947 bronybait2945 cute195642 dialogue63957 drawthread2348 female1338199 hooves up488 hug request430 hugs needed116 lidded eyes29875 looking at you163518 mare467524 open arms52 shy4027 simple background384352 sitting61544 smiling240913 solo1045148 starry eyes3236 stuttering108 tavibetes651 text58219 white background95356 wingding eyes21631


not provided yet


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Background Pony #26CE
If i could i would give her my bearhug™ for all the time she needs it :)