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I think I got just about everypony.
safe (1356847)air way (65)a.k. yearling (206)angel bunny (8082)apple bloom (41430)applejack (140610)big macintosh (24160)business savvy (12)cheese sandwich (2725)claude (68)coco pommel (4895)daring do (5389)derpy hooves (44659)diamond tiara (8763)doctor caballeron (416)duchess of maretonia (26)duke of maretonia (34)first base (216)flam (1852)fleetfoot (1646)flim (1949)flitter (2652)fluttershy (175332)grace manewitz (259)gummy (4464)helia (169)joan pommelway (54)lockdown (45)lord tirek (3334)maud pie (10620)ms. harshwhinny (1972)nightjar (34)opalescence (1793)owlowiscious (1735)pearly whites (65)pegasus olsen (34)peggy holstein (34)pinkie pie (180488)pipsqueak (2459)princess cadance (26996)princess celestia (80023)princess luna (84672)rainbow dash (195059)randolph (86)rarity (149454)sapphire shores (912)scootaloo (44740)seabreeze (450)shining armor (19221)silver shill (150)silver spoon (5619)soarin' (12095)sourpuss (41)spike (63462)spitfire (11592)suri polomare (1030)sweetie belle (41893)tank (2370)toe-tapper (203)torch song (197)trenderhoof (758)twilight sparkle (247738)winona (2074)zippoorwhill (314)season 4 (2016)alicorn (148963)alicorn tetrarchy (934)angelestia (47)blank flank (5852)breezie (1803)crystal guard (201)cutie mark crusaders (15267)dragon (31999)earth pony (129320)female (694365)flim flam brothers (1065)male (234908)mane seven (4338)mane six (24673)mare (302731)my little pony logo (2854)opaluna (31)pegasus (167775)pony (633612)puppet (462)royal guard (6086)stallion (65087)the ponytones (34)twilight's castle (2461)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (94870)unicorn (178139)


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