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Looks like Rarity’s gonna get more than she bargained for!

( Wet, Cum, Futa and Lingerie edits on Patreon )
explicit (271377)artist:twistedscarlett60 (837)applejack (142557)rarity (151760)adorasexy (7051)anthro (191766)anus (74580)applebutt (2955)applejack's hat (3339)ass (34376)bed (29459)black underwear (2727)blushing (147347)breasts (190905)busty applejack (6328)clothes (338742)cowboy hat (9650)cute (139504)cutie mark (31332)earth pony (134168)feet (28166)female (710482)floppy ears (39548)hat (60208)implied lesbian (2363)implied rarijack (329)implied shipping (3289)jackabetes (3944)lesbian (77441)licking (14798)licking lips (3203)looking at you (114047)nail polish (5675)nipples (111276)nudity (282752)offscreen character (22402)on bed (1498)panties (40046)panties around legs (1836)panties pulled down (2945)plantigrade anthro (21114)raribetes (3422)rarijack (5763)sexy (17024)shipping (156625)shoulder fluff (1103)smiling (173474)solo (847204)solo female (151132)toenail polish (253)toenails (455)toes (4455)tongue out (72098)underwear (47660)unicorn (184896)vulva (92439)


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evil_eric's avatar
he ate Good Eric
R: "Darling, I’d have thought you’d know by now that I always keep an emergency supply of naughty lingerie ready at a moment’s notice." manifests panties from the fucking æther
A: "Uh…does this mean ya ain’t goin’ to town on mah hoo-hah?"