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Colored version of >>1987802
suggestive129611 artist:sunibee490 twilight sparkle283701 alicorn199460 pony855993 semi-anthro10816 bedroom eyes53128 book30771 clothes414436 crossed legs2785 female1186486 garters2523 glasses55177 high heels9657 lipstick9768 magic66528 mare426637 mary janes1080 necktie6301 sexy25257 shirt21673 shoes30996 sitting55813 skirt36121 smiling218003 socks57628 solo982098 stockings28957 teacher861 telekinesis24827 thigh highs29068 twilight sparkle (alicorn)116179 vest3501


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Background Pony #3F80

In that case I'm sure you have at least 1001 complaints about pony anatomy in the actual show, especially given that the animators have had them cross their legs in this manner at least a handful of times in the past.

^Suuuuper not how pony heads work, btw. It's almost like these horses are cartoons or something.
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