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I finally get to retire 
well now the world is open up with possibility to me for the very first time in a 1000 years
and i know who am i going to spend my time with;
with discord 
today is not the end i’ts only the beginning.


i don’t know if celestia and luna would really retire but if so then this is a good opportunity for celestia in her case to start doing what ever she likes travel, relaxing maybe starting a family since she is not so busy.

after all the hints seen in the show with celestia and discord it’s going to happen i’m sure of it

and yes this is a celestiacord/dislestia artwork i love how it tuned out
safe (1376985)artist:mr100dragon100 (229)discord (25794)princess celestia (81208)alicorn (152971)canterlot (3614)collar (23394)crown (9868)dislestia (1345)female (709971)fountain (458)hoof shoes (2321)implied dislestia (57)implied shipping (3287)implied straight (4658)jewelry (35369)male (240878)mare (310963)open mouth (98904)regalia (11043)shipping (156515)straight (105001)


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