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safe (1376648)artist:soobel (60)bon bon (14160)diamond tiara (8839)lyra heartstrings (25409)maud pie (10726)princess cadance (27234)princess celestia (81190)princess luna (85798)silver spoon (5668)sunset shimmer (47996)sweetie drops (14150)trixie (53898)twilight sparkle (250747)twist (2602)alicorn (152915)bench (1746)cafe (408)craft (3402)earth pony (133950)female (709687)filly (45913)foal (11856)mare (310814)pegasus (172687)pony (649475)ponyville (4039)sculpted (41)sculpture (2844)sitting (43752)table (6506)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (96830)unicorn (184554)


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Background Pony #58C1
IT IS ADORABLE!!! and also a very elaborate work, perfect for an incredible role game: too many possibilities crowded in my head just watching this picture.

I congratulate you, it is a work of love and dedication.
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