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Clover Café crowded
safe1583241 artist:soobel74 bon bon15441 diamond tiara9663 lyra heartstrings28035 maud pie11783 princess cadance30561 princess celestia89674 princess luna94114 silver spoon6160 sunset shimmer57355 sweetie drops15441 trixie62773 twilight sparkle283334 twist2743 alicorn198904 earth pony204797 pegasus246150 pony853946 unicorn272652 bench2202 cafe497 craft4160 female1163182 filly59737 foal14893 mare425500 ponyville5154 sculpted41 sculpture3121 sitting55671 table8302 twilight sparkle (alicorn)115976


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5 comments posted
Background Pony #3162
IT IS ADORABLE!!! and also a very elaborate work, perfect for an incredible role game: too many possibilities crowded in my head just watching this picture.

I congratulate you, it is a work of love and dedication.
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