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Having a fun little collab with @linweiting4 Hope this comes true when Twilight in human world meet our book princess.😇
safe1879775 artist:luciferamon336 artist:tingsan215 sci-twi27639 twilight sparkle322127 alicorn256794 pony1225739 unicorn402041 equestria girls224012 anatomically incorrect4589 collaboration5918 cute222911 duality4657 duo93495 equestria girls ponified4587 female1517471 floppy ears60086 glasses72503 gray background9441 happy35648 hug31832 incorrect leg anatomy1913 kneeling10281 mare566832 nuzzling4383 one eye closed37076 ponified44575 self ponidox9071 simple background463788 smiling302755 spread wings67036 twiabetes13190 twilight sparkle (alicorn)133549 twolight1303 unicorn sci-twi854 wing fluff1849 wings153192 wink28134


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Background Pony #BD8B
Princess Twilight: I can’t help my self to see you like a little sister!