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safe (1377613)artist:tcn1205 (239)applejack (142557)rarity (151760)equestria girls (151544)badass (2415)bare shoulders (1142)beretta (48)bodyguard (46)clothes (338742)cute (139504)dialogue (46703)female (710480)gun (11817)jackabetes (3944)lesbian (77439)purse (395)raribetes (3422)rarijack (5763)shipping (156623)sunglasses (10879)weapon (21655)


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Some editor
Just wearing a bullet proof jacket seems to me a better option than shielding by the one you suposed to protect.
Still rather high chance that it wouldn’t work but at least client doesn’t get hurt almost by default.
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Well, it’s hard to protect your client if you get disabled.
But if your client takes the hit first, you’ll know where the assassins are and then can dispatch them!
After your client is safe from assassins, you can then address the client’s possible life-threatening injuries and comfort your client knowing that no further attempts will be made on their life. You are able then to get your client to a hospital or provide final comfort to them if the wounds are mortal.
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