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Christmas is getting near. And here in the Philippines, is the start of our traditional "Simbang Gabi" (Filipino for "Night Mass")

It is a nine-day series of Masses in anticipation of Christmas. Traditionally, this is held in the early hours of the morning, ranging from as early as 3 to 5 o'clock of December 16th to the 24th. Today, anticipated mass are also available (usually at 8:00 p.m.) to accommodate the faithful who cannot afford to go to the traditional dawn mass.

This practice originated in the early days of Spanish rule in the Philippines and eventually became part of Filipino culture. This tradition is also held in some countries like Spain, Bolivia and Puerto Rico.

After the dawn mass, people buy and eat holiday delicacies sold near the church premises for breakfast. Famous of them all is the "Bibingka" (rice cake cooked above and below) and "Puto Bumbong" (steamed purple rice pastries, seasoned with butter, grated coconut, and brown sugar) often paired with Hot Chocolate or Salabat (Filipino for "Ginger Tea")

There is a well-known belief that if you successfully completed the nine-day masses of Simbang Gabi, your request made as part of the novena will be granted. So to our fellow Catholic Filipino bronies/pegasister out there, may you participate in this very special tradition and your request by the grace of God will be given to you.

Credits to owner of the following vectors:
The-Mad-Shipwright — flying rainbow dash
postcactus — Applebloom vector
Pangbot — Sweetie Belle Singing
Splintered-Pencil — Scootaloo vector
SLB94 — Rarity vector
Osipush — Twilight vector
EkkitaTheFilly — Applejack vector
Anxet — Fluttershy vector
Stabzor — Tree vectors

LuzViMinda original character design from EMositeCC.
Fillypines Original Character design by TheCrusaderWhoSaidNi
Currently owned by the Philippine Bronies

Pearl Shine's original character design from furriKita (fiaKaiera)
Currently owned by Philippine Bronies and Project SEAPonyCon

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