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I found one of the element images by joycall6, after which I found out that there were more. No one had yet compiled them into a periodic table so I did just that. The eventual file size of the image was 45 MB so it has been downscaled a little so it could be uploaded to here.
White background version of >>1988872
I only compiled the images into one, and did not make any of the images.
Check out joycall6’s other work:  
safe1770667 artist:joycall6588 edit138064 applejack174852 big macintosh29039 daring do6528 derpy hooves51020 dj pon-329844 fluttershy219117 minuette6011 pinkie pie221926 princess celestia97352 princess luna101423 rainbow dash240415 rarity187324 shining armor23803 silver spoon6681 spitfire13785 sunset shimmer65499 trixie69214 twilight sparkle308530 vinyl scratch29843 oc722486 oc:fausticorn1569 alicorn236296 bat pony53208 earth pony274824 pegasus316960 pony1030691 seagull229 unicorn350886 series:joycall6's periodic table135 :>335 :o3989 :p9742 absurd resolution67658 aircraft495 aluminium4 aluminum66 anatomy434 ancient egypt44 antimony7 apple (company) coffee3 argentum6 argon12 arsenic7 aurum8 baguette142 balloon10517 banana2078 bananalestia176 barium8 baseball430 baseball bat1152 bat ponified2958 battery170 beaker208 beatnik rarity605 bedroom eyes62243 beret2040 beryl4 beryllium8 bipedal36852 blushing207494 boron7 borosillicate glass3 brain440 bread1503 bromine11 bucket2475 bust53979 c:1225 cable142 cadmium5 caesium5 calcium12 capacitor9 car6294 carbon9 carrying2313 catalytic converter3 cd123 cerium7 cesium6 chemistry365 chibi14980 chlorine18 chromium10 cigarette4069 circuit24 circuit board43 clothes482984 cloud32560 cloudy6175 cobalt7 coca-cola245 coin719 companion cube220 computer6409 cooking1126 cooking pot52 cooling tower5 copper18 crossover64221 crying45346 cuprum5 cut773 cute208159 cute little fangs2238 cutefire228 cutelestia3695 dashabetes9746 derpabetes2859 diamond814 diatrixes3239 diode9 doormat53 drink5127 dysprosium6 egyptian964 eiffel tower135 electric guitar1060 electronics47 erbium8 euro13 european central bank4 europium6 eyes closed100062 f-15 eagle35 fangs27294 female1419291 ferrum8 fertilizer38 fiber optic5 film56 fireworks2051 floating4182 floating wings1273 fluorine12 flutterbat7036 flying40068 food74174 gadolinium5 gallium9 gem6398 germanium5 giantess4297 glass4905 glasses65845 glassware5 glowing5329 glowstick742 gold1192 guitar5194 hafnium5 hard drive16 hat92120 hatless2103 headphones8192 heart50787 helium120 holmium5 hoof hold8821 hydrogen21 hypercar72 indium5 injured3429 integrated circuit11 intestines440 iodine11 iridium5 iron33 jackabetes6339 jet398 jet engine48 jet plane6 kalium4 krypton9 lab coat2275 laboratory glassware3 lanthanum6 laser971 lauren faust1759 leaf1102 levitation12778 licking21130 licking lips4473 light1557 lightbulb366 lighter251 lights866 literal silver spoon5 lithium8 looking at you178698 loupe30 lunabetes3661 lutetium6 mac33 macro11260 magic76415 magnesium8 magnet181 male394368 manganese7 mare511442 mask7240 match124 mclaren59 mclaren mp4-12c17 meter bar3 microchip9 microphone5424 milk4903 minubetes260 missing accessory8421 molybdenum7 monitor667 mouth hold18365 mri3 mri scanner4 mug4484 musical instrument11952 nails405 natrium4 neodymium6 neon1020 nickel18 night27911 night vision19 nightcap501 niko (oneshot)22 niobium5 nitrogen11 nuclear power plant13 ocean7399 oil platform4 oil rig6 one eye closed33287 oneshot36 open mouth158346 operation24 optical fiber4 osmium5 oxygen20 oxygen mask69 oxygen tank47 palladium5 pan157 parody15871 pcb19 pen1273 periodic table220 pet scan3 pharaoh67 phosphorus7 pink-mane celestia2659 plane2786 planet1244 platinum12 png494 poison177 portal (valve)1212 portal gun208 portrait32310 positron emission tomography4 potassium13 power plant14 printed ciruit board5 promethium (element)6 prone26687 pun7749 race swap15030 raribetes5694 respirator194 rhenium6 rhodium5 riding7704 role reversal1435 rubidium6 ruthenium5 safety goggles385 salt174 saltpeter4 samarium5 scandium5 science1258 scissors1146 selenium6 semiconductor6 shampoo318 shears47 shyabetes14696 silicon7 silver82 silverware54 simple background415939 singing6634 sitting66597 sky15272 sleepy1690 smiling267059 smoke2707 smoking4395 soda1651 soda can300 sodium7 solar panel25 solder7 soldering10 soldering iron46 south korea100 speaker266 sports3934 sr-71 blackbird46 stainless steel8 stallion118774 stannum5 stars16595 stibium5 strontium7 sulfur15 sulphur4 sun7032 supercar211 surgery103 surgical mask210 sweater15085 sweet dreams fuel1688 swimming2457 swimming pool2881 tangible heavenly object1368 tantalum6 tantalum capacitor3 technetium5 telekinesis29197 telescope827 television2594 tellurium10 terbium5 test card29 that pony sure does love gems11 then watch her balloons lift her up to the sky936 this will end in death2580 this will end in tears3464 this will end in tears and/or death2346 tin17 titanium8 to the moon317 tongue out110081 tool19 toothbrush792 toothpaste261 torch693 tungsten6 twilight sparkle (alicorn)127191 underwater6026 vanadium5 vehicle701 wafer10 wall of tags3779 weapons-grade cute3805 when you see it636 white background104435 wind turbine3 wind turbine generator19 windmill348 window9104 wings127178 wink26079 wires420 wolfram5 wolframium3 wrench771 x-ray8301 x-ray picture142 xenon6 you had one job493 yttrium8 zinc10 zirconium5


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Hmm, a beaker for Boron kinda makes sense.  
I mean lab grade glassware is made from boro-silicate.
And Chlorine is used to clean pools, so that makes sense too.  
There are others too:  
Eiffel Tower is made of iron, Chromium coats stainless steel, Copper wires, Nickel is a coin, Helium floats ballons, Hydrogen makes up a large part of stars…
I could go on, but I’m gonna go do something else now.