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I found one of the element images by joycall6, after which I found out that there were more. No one had yet compiled them into a periodic table so I did just that. The eventual file size of the image was 45 MB so it has been downscaled a little so it could be uploaded to here.

Transparent background version of >>1988877

I only compiled the images into one, and did not make any of the images.

Check out joycall6's other work:
safe1585603 artist:joycall6585 edit119056 applejack159865 big macintosh26977 daring do6141 derpy hooves48397 dj pon-328203 fluttershy199232 minuette5402 pinkie pie204372 princess celestia90371 princess luna94275 rainbow dash220575 rarity170655 shining armor21896 silver spoon6234 spitfire12798 sunset shimmer58143 trixie62619 twilight sparkle284349 vinyl scratch32298 oc610723 oc:fausticorn1499 alicorn197481 bat pony43673 earth pony202697 pegasus243593 pony853158 seagull177 unicorn270169 series:joycall6's periodic table100 :>321 :o3489 :p7356 absurd resolution64067 aircraft454 aluminium4 aluminum65 anatomy398 ancient egypt38 antimony5 apple (company) coffee3 argentum6 argon11 arsenic6 aurum6 baguette117 balloon9663 banana2010 bananalestia154 barium7 baseball389 baseball bat979 bat ponified2059 battery154 beaker183 beatnik rarity560 bedroom eyes52195 beret1733 beryl4 beryllium7 bipedal30902 blushing177465 boron6 borosillicate glass3 brain367 bread1254 bromine10 bucket2092 bust41445 c:1165 cable118 cadmium4 caesium4 calcium11 capacitor9 car5503 carbon9 carrying2024 catalytic converter3 cd112 cerium6 cesium6 chemistry304 chibi13294 chlorine16 chromium9 cigarette3450 circuit22 circuit board39 clothes412895 cloud27441 cloudy5984 cobalt5 coca-cola221 coin626 companion cube202 computer5629 cooking1017 cooking pot49 cooling tower4 copper14 crossover57524 crying40431 cuprum5 cut682 cute180128 cute little fangs1739 cutefire191 cutelestia3233 dashabetes8080 derpabetes2167 diamond631 diatrixes2819 diode9 doormat52 drink4398 dysprosium5 egyptian721 eiffel tower139 electric guitar860 electronics43 erbium7 euro13 european central bank4 europium5 eyes closed81012 f-15 eagle25 fangs22330 female907499 ferrum8 fertilizer24 fiber optic5 film49 fireworks1792 floating3557 floating wings1058 fluorine10 flutterbat6458 flying34589 food61549 gadolinium4 gallium7 gem5428 germanium4 giantess3777 glass4073 glasses55336 glassware3 glow3898 glowstick674 gold929 guitar4381 hafnium4 hard drive16 hat77269 hatless1863 headphones6817 heart43533 helium101 holmium4 hoof hold7400 hydrogen18 hypercar74 indium4 injured3145 integrated circuit11 intestines389 iodine10 iridium4 iron28 jackabetes5197 jet356 jet engine37 jet plane5 kalium4 krypton8 lab coat2020 laboratory glassware3 lanthanum5 laser905 lauren faust1720 leaf854 levitation10646 licking18192 licking lips3932 light1258 lightbulb247 lighter218 lights729 literal silver spoon4 lithium6 looking at you145730 loupe29 lunabetes3189 lutetium5 mac31 macro10725 magic66356 magnesium8 magnet167 male308497 manganese6 mare419540 match113 mclaren39 mclaren mp4-12c16 meter bar3 microchip8 microphone4511 milk3775 minubetes204 missing accessory7493 molybdenum6 monitor546 mouth hold15587 mri3 mri scanner4 mug3735 nails302 natrium4 neodymium5 neon793 nickel16 night23018 night vision13 nightcap479 niko (oneshot)23 niobium4 nitrogen10 nuclear power plant9 ocean5410 oil platform4 oil rig5 one eye closed25608 oneshot30 open mouth124482 operation27 optical fiber4 osmium4 oxygen16 oxygen mask52 oxygen tank30 palladium4 pan133 parody15271 pcb19 pen1103 periodic table180 pet scan3 pharaoh56 phosphorus5 pink-mane celestia2381 plane2577 planet1085 platinum11 png152 poison158 portal (valve)1135 portal gun193 portrait28752 positron emission tomography4 potassium12 power plant13 printed ciruit board5 promethium (element)5 prone23454 pun7262 race swap12649 raribetes4676 respirator165 rhenium5 rhodium4 riding5169 role reversal1293 rubidium5 ruthenium4 safety goggles317 salt147 saltpeter4 samarium4 scandium4 science1192 scissors1021 selenium5 semiconductor6 shampoo288 shears41 shyabetes11692 silicon6 silver75 silverware48 simple background348364 singing5884 sitting55630 sky11982 sleepy1483 smiling217622 smoke2309 smoking3838 soda1415 soda can226 sodium6 solar panel22 solder7 soldering8 soldering iron41 south korea87 speaker217 sports3139 sr-71 blackbird41 stainless steel6 stallion93886 stannum5 stars13644 stibium5 strontium5 sulfur14 sulphur4 sun5886 supercar188 surgery99 surgical mask190 sweater13244 swimming1698 swimming pool948 tangible heavenly object1268 tantalum5 tantalum capacitor3 technetium4 telekinesis24854 telescope739 television2167 tellurium9 terbium4 test card30 that pony sure loves gems3 then watch her balloons lift her up to the sky841 this will end in death2126 this will end in tears3088 this will end in tears and/or death2150 tin15 titanium7 to the moon283 tongue out91575 tool16 toothbrush727 toothpaste236 torch607 transparent background180452 tungsten5 twilight sparkle (alicorn)115942 underwater4489 vanadium4 vehicle561 wafer11 wall of tags2396 weapons-grade cute3233 when you see it587 wind turbine3 wind turbine generator15 windmill278 window7351 wings78295 wink21840 wires312 wolfram5 wolframium3 wrench698 x-ray6747 x-ray picture138 xenon5 you had one job444 yttrium7 zinc7 zirconium4


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@Parcly Taxel
1. She's so cute without her glasses
2. Did I mention that she is incredibly cute?
3. Perhaps she takes the glasses off to maintain consistent branding when she does experiments in different genres.
4. DJ Qu1kS11v3r standing by, locked & loaded
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Artist -

Probably asleep
@Background Pony #905F
That is correct. Joycall6 did not make art for those elements, and since I am terrible at drawing myself I thought that making art for the missing elements would only deduct from it. If I try to start drawing again I might attempt to make something like this with my own art.
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