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I found one of the element images by joycall6, after which I found out that there were more. No one had yet compiled them into a periodic table so I did just that. The eventual file size of the image was 45 MB so it has been downscaled a little so it could be uploaded to here.

Transparent background version of >>1988877

I only compiled the images into one, and did not make any of the images.

Check out joycall6’s other work:
safe (1427218)artist:joycall6 (583)edit (98915)applejack (147607)big macintosh (25206)daring do (5678)derpy hooves (45864)dj pon-3 (26669)fluttershy (183923)minuette (5002)pinkie pie (188813)princess celestia (83546)princess luna (87921)rainbow dash (203645)rarity (157418)shining armor (20067)silver spoon (5814)spitfire (11998)sunset shimmer (50581)trixie (55988)twilight sparkle (260055)vinyl scratch (30764)oc (524267)oc:fausticorn (1372)alicorn (163075)bat pony (35739)earth pony (147741)pegasus (187512)pony (694897)seagull (155)unicorn (202584)series:joycall6's periodic table (82):> (303)absurd resolution (7)aircraft (420)aluminium (3)aluminum (63)anatomy (376)ancient egypt (31)antimony (3)apple (company) coffee (2)argentum (3)argon (8)arsenic (4)aurum (3)baguette (90)balloon (8817)banana (1662)bananalestia (132)barium (4)baseball (357)baseball bat (829)bat ponified (1510)battery (134)beaker (169)beatnik rarity (532)bedroom eyes (44308)beret (1432)beryl (3)beryllium (6)bipedal (26979)blushing (153580)boron (5)borosillicate glass (2)brain (331)bread (1065)bromine (3)bucket (1820)bust (31213)c: (1100)cable (91)cadmium (3)caesium (3)calcium (10)capacitor (7)car (4542)carbon (6)carrying (1766)catalytic converter (2)cd (104)cerium (4)cesium (4)chemistry (255)chibi (11159)chlorine (10)chromium (7)cigarette (2967)circuit (19)circuit board (27)clothes (355057)cloud (28423)cloudy (5808)cobalt (5)coca-cola (192)coin (553)companion cube (183)computer (4984)cooking (875)cooking pot (37)cooling tower (3)copper (13)crossover (52952)crying (35682)cuprum (4)cut (219)cute (148146)cutefire (124)cutelestia (2640)cute little fangs (1367)dashabetes (6634)derpabetes (1707)diamond (514)diatrixes (2332)diode (7)doormat (48)drink (3766)dysprosium (4)egyptian (557)eiffel tower (105)electric guitar (747)electronics (37)erbium (6)euro (12)european central bank (3)europium (3)eyes closed (67841)f-15 eagle (21)fangs (17657)female (758466)ferrum (3)fertilizer (21)fiber optic (4)film (47)fireworks (1520)floating (2948)floating wings (752)fluorine (5)flutterbat (6049)flying (29846)food (50974)gadolinium (3)gallium (4)gem (4199)germanium (3)giantess (3000)glass (3355)glasses (46915)glassware (2)glow (3339)glowstick (607)gold (720)guitar (3878)hafnium (3)hard drive (12)hat (64598)hatless (1683)headphones (5888)heart (37800)helium (92)holmium (3)hoof hold (5918)hydrogen (14)hypercar (73)indium (3)injured (2750)integrated circuit (10)intestines (344)iodine (7)iridium (3)iron (18)jackabetes (4239)jet (332)jet engine (35)jet plane (3)kalium (3)krypton (6)lab coat (1717)laboratory glassware (2)lanthanum (3)laser (789)lauren faust (1675)leaf (668)levitation (8663)licking (15497)licking lips (3364)light (983)lightbulb (202)lighter (189)lights (598)literal silver spoon (3)lithium (4)looking at you (120208)loupe (21)lunabetes (2547)lutetium (3)mac (30)macro (9097)magic (57396)magnesium (4)magnet (149)male (257342)manganese (4)mare (334335)match (84)mclaren (36)mclaren mp4-12c (15)meter bar (2)microchip (7)microphone (3891)milk (2913)minubetes (116)missing accessory (6689)molybdenum (4)monitor (445)mouth hold (13284)mri (2)mri scanner (3)mug (3068)nails (255)natrium (3)neodymium (4)neon (613)nickel (12)night (19389)nightcap (429)night vision (12)niko (oneshot) (18)niobium (3)nitrogen (6)nuclear power plant (6):o (3000)ocean (4519)oil platform (3)oil rig (4)one eye closed (20325)oneshot (24)open mouth (103944)operation (24)optical fiber (3)osmium (3)oxygen (11)oxygen mask (42)oxygen tank (22):p (5809)palladium (3)pan (118)parody (14585)pcb (18)pen (978)periodic table (135)pet scan (2)pharaoh (44)phosphorus (3)pink-mane celestia (1935)plane (2281)planet (926)platinum (10)png (95)poison (146)portal gun (178)portal (valve) (987)portrait (24707)positron emission tomography (3)potassium (9)power plant (12)printed ciruit board (3)promethium (4)prone (20442)pun (6689)race swap (10828)raribetes (3740)respirator (121)rhenium (3)rhodium (3)riding (4195)role reversal (1190)rubidium (4)ruthenium (3)safety goggles (252)salt (130)saltpeter (3)samarium (3)scandium (3)science (1108)scissors (888)selenium (3)semiconductor (5)shampoo (242)shears (36)shyabetes (9393)silicon (5)silver (69)silverware (45)simple background (290291)singing (5171)sitting (46005)sky (9419)sleepy (1237)smiling (182834)smoke (1911)smoking (3385)soda (1212)soda can (162)sodium (4)solar panel (21)solder (5)soldering (7)soldering iron (32)south korea (77)speaker (174)sports (2225)sr-71 blackbird (40)stainless steel (3)stallion (72762)stannum (3)stars (11410)stibium (3)strontium (3)sulfur (10)sulphur (3)sun (4985)supercar (187)surgery (91)surgical mask (74)sweater (11522)swimming (1482)swimming pool (566)tangible heavenly object (1181)tantalum (3)tantalum capacitor (2)technetium (3)telekinesis (20666)telescope (653)television (1892)tellurium (7)terbium (3)test card (29)that pony sure loves gems (2)then watch her balloons lift her up to the sky (778)this will end in death (1698)this will end in tears (2643)this will end in tears and/or death (1904)tin (13)titanium (5)tongue out (75653)tool (24)toothbrush (667)toothpaste (221)torch (520)to the moon (268)transparent background (151608)tungsten (3)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (101815)underwater (3867)vanadium (3)vehicle (452)wafer (9)wall of tags (1773)weapons-grade cute (2702)when you see it (530)windmill (223)window (5973)wind turbine (2)wind turbine generator (12)wings (52785)wink (18637)wires (266)wolfram (4)wolframium (3)wrench (615)xenon (4)x-ray (5614)x-ray picture (129)you had one job (409)yttrium (4)zinc (6)zirconium (3)


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Wallet After Summer Sale

Probably asleep
@Background Pony #905F
That is correct. Joycall6 did not make art for those elements, and since I am terrible at drawing myself I thought that making art for the missing elements would only deduct from it. If I try to start drawing again I might attempt to make something like this with my own art.
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