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safe (1392819)artist:invisibleguy-ponyman (489)bon bon (14267)lyra heartstrings (25599)queen chrysalis (28373)sweetie drops (14258)comic:lyra-lyra's bizarre adventure (237)equestria girls (154111)beam (226)bfg (31)breasts (194902)changeling (30546)changelingified (1034)clothes (343641)comic (85804)crying (34832)curse cut short (9)electrocution (203)equestria girls-ified (6852)female (724249)glowing eyes (8224)glowing horn (12813)gun (11973)helmet (7754)jojo's bizarre adventure (2123)lesbian (78789)lyrabon (2665)mace (178)magic (55382)pony (659150)post-apocalyptic (424)rhinoceros beetle (15)robot (5880)shipping (158920)species swap (15163)stand (506)sweat (19210)tank (vehicle) (1020)text (38773)this will end in death (1627)this will end in tears (2565)this will end in tears and/or death (1863)thumbnail is a stick (80)to be continued (281)unicorn (190220)weapon (21990)


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Background Pony #DCF4
remember, this was only the future we saw, could still happen but, trixie might find out a way to change things up
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