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Sci-Twi and her Boys spend the last days of summer on the beach….
safe1586751 artist:urhangrzerg94 flash sentry12147 pinkie pie204535 sci-twi22324 sunset shimmer58196 timber spruce1886 trixie62668 twilight sparkle284388 equestria girls181804 equestria girls series28749 beach13111 bubble berry1483 clothes413484 equestria guys955 feet35045 female909533 flip-flops896 half r63 shipping1753 male308872 partial nudity17347 rule 6325378 sandals3808 shipping185348 sparkleberry24 straight122618 sunset glare260 sunsetsparkle4724 topless11252 tristan226 tristansparkle20 twiglare30 twilight sparkle gets all the stallions45 twinkie1726 twixie4928


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@Darth Shy
As twilight was to be wondering of a possible belly flop to be performed by bubble berry while naked when timber spruce and trixister are wondering of some skin they didn't want to see.
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