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Sci-Twi and her Boys spend the last days of summer on the beach….
safe (1395524)artist:urhangrzerg (58)flash sentry (10555)pinkie pie (185022)sci-twi (17986)sunset shimmer (48972)timber spruce (1610)trixie (54610)twilight sparkle (253863)equestria girls (154587)equestria girls series (21643)beach (10660)bubble berry (1362)clothes (344555)equestria guys (804)feet (28696)flip-flops (760)half r63 shipping (1387)male (247371)partial nudity (12223)rule 63 (22220)sandals (3264)shipping (159365)sunset glare (243)topless (9133)tristan (186)


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@Darth Shy
As twilight was to be wondering of a possible belly flop to be performed by bubble berry while naked when timber spruce and trixister are wondering of some skin they didn’t want to see.
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