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You might be familiar with Indonisty, but who are our other mascots? Introducing Nuning and Salasika, the two best friends that represents our convention, designed by Mewy101. Can you guess where in Indonesia these ponies come from?


Nuning is an earth pony from Java. Her cotton cutie mark represents her love for fashion. Her timid and patient nature comes from all the time she carefully drew batik. At first glance, she is shy and soft-spoken.

Salasika is a Balinese earth pony. She is a hard-working farmer which earned her a paddy cutie mark. Other than farming, she enjoys dancing. Her energetic and confident personality makes her an excellent Balinese dancer.
safe1618039 artist:mewy10149 rarity173980 oc628736 oc:indonisty76 oc:nuning31 oc:salasika30 alicorn206588 earth pony216765 pony885570 convention2713 female1287969 indonesia205 mare440305 mascot833 nusaponycon36 open mouth130212 ponycon99 smiling225026 trio7746


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Hi, a staff here!

We welcome everyone to this con with hopes that everyone can have a great time. We have strict policies against harassment and unwelcomed acts towards others so don't worry about not fitting in c:

Sci-Twi Lover

Unfortunately, I cannot visit this event sadly, seeing how my autistic condition here that turns me into a goddamn retard.