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Now wouldn’t it be hilarious if this were to happen in the actual episode? 😂
safe (1430956)artist:aurumnarts (15)king sombra (11699)princess cadance (28152)princess flurry heart (5535)pony (699559)season 9 (544)spoiler:s09 (584)blushing (154060)comic (89722)crying (35824)cute (148914)cuteness overload (85)denied (247)dialogue (50727)emoji (589)faic (10374)flurrybetes (596)funny (3190)heart (37911)interrupted (120)levitation (8696)magic (57633)puffy cheeks (3150)puking rainbows (100)scared (7923)telekinesis (20750)trembling (507)vomiting (215)

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ttttoooo cute! I can’t withstand her powerful adorableness I’m too powerless against her cute stare~count ziltromon
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