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Found a base which allowed me to do a completely bald version of >>1665594


Don’t care for these edits? Filter the "furless edit" tag/hide the pic and please move on.



Base: LINK

GlimGlam, Luna’s legs & wing, Celestia’s legs & wing: >>1665594
safe (1431044)artist:tralomine (36)artist:velveagicsentryyt (307)edit (99381)editor:slayerbvc (1408)vector edit (1780)princess celestia (83745)princess luna (88083)starlight glimmer (38190)alicorn (164058)pony (699655)unicorn (204069)a royal problem (1959)bald (840)base used (10590)blushing (154087)edited edit (1974)embarrassed (8836)female (761645)furless (129)furless edit (96)grin (28095)looking back (41886)mare (336215)missing accessory (6727)moonbutt (2666)nervous (4378)nervous grin (565)now you fucked up (259)nude edit (2852)nudity (295174)plot (65016)plucked wings (78)raised hoof (32144)royal sisters (3242)shaved (353)shaved tail (107)simple background (291312)smiling (183570)spell gone wrong (253)sunbutt (3137)this will end in tears and/or a journey to the moon (219)transparent background (152076)underhoof (41320)vector (66685)wat (17595)

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Adan Druego
[IsoCon] 01-056-003-001
SG: Um… TA-DA!
PC: Oh, not this again…
PL: Ah, I’m loving the clean shaven look!
SG: Whaaaaaaa… Okay, you know what, nevermind, I don’t even want to know.I

Sudden Bookhorse out of nowhere!

TS: WELL, I DO! I even brought my automatic note recording device. SPIKE!
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