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Man this took a while

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explicit (281940)artist:oughta (99)sunset shimmer (50588)equestria girls (159425):< (878)adventure in the comments (1195)anal insertion (6090)animated (84633)armpits (35489)background human (5934)bedroom eyes (44313)bottomless (10344)bouncing (2871)bouncing breasts (2095)bra (12303)bra lift (12)breasts (203177)busty sunset shimmer (3743)buttplug (2831)cleavage (27278)clitoral stimulation (611)clitoris (20990)clothes (355108)commando (442)crossed legs (2243)derail in the comments (237)discussion in the comments (644)divine (48)exhibitionism (6174)faceless female (924)faceless male (2517)feet (29500)female (758549)flashing (1000)frown (19571)insertion (12656)lidded eyes (18615)looking at you (120229)looking away (2833)looking back (41737)looking up (11848)loop (4193)male (257429)masturbation (15331)midriff (16244)miniskirt (3784)nipples (118866)no panties (1603)no sound (2371)nudity (294309)offscreen character (24105)off shoulder (1055):p (5810)partial nudity (12874)patreon (10143)perfect loop (731)philosophy in the comments (17)public (1189)public masturbation (221)public nudity (2284)sandals (3364)sex (93752)sex toy (20528)sexy (18423)shifty eyes (127)shirt (17146)shirt lift (2212)short shirt (1086)sideways glance (344)sinfully sexy (476)sitting (46016)skirt (31494)skirt lift (4172)smiling (182860)smirk (9232)solo focus (12374)spreading (13576)spread legs (14211)spread pussy (2730)stealth masturbation (90)stupid sexy sunset shimmer (437)tanktop (5870)teasing (2857)thighs (4595)thrill of almost being caught (362)toes (4770)tongue out (75665)underass (2013)underwear (49589)vagina (42242)vulva (97283)wall of tags (1773)weapons-grade sexy (50)webm (7324)


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@Lupin Quill
It’s a butt plug. They’re shaped like a wide bulb on a short, thin shaft specifically so they stay in the rectum once inserted. From what I’ve been told, wearing them isn’t as uncomfortable as you might think (provided you enjoy having things in your ass), but it’s still a fairly bad idea to wear them for extended periods of time as has apparently become popular amongst the pseudo-nerd camwhore crowd.
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Comments129 comments posted