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Basic Fun reveals their third series of My Little Pony Stack’ems
safe (1377235)cozy glow (3056)gallus (3953)sandbar (3354)silverstream (3712)smolder (3961)yona (3205)basic fun! (15)chibi (10684)classical hippogriff (3486)derp (5754)dragon (33111)earth pony (134068)fangs (16511)female (710121)filly (45930)glare (7381)glitter (450)griffon (20166)hair over one eye (6610)head (1515)hippogriff (6104)lidded eyes (16991)looking at you (114005)pony (649818)seapony (g4) (3057)simple background (277412)smiling (173378)smirk (8761)stack'ems (4)teenager (2767)toy (19062)translucent (61)villainess (72)wat (17158)white background (68373)yak (2719)


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11 comments posted
Background Pony #3A46
Although I’m disappointed by a lack of Ocellus, I’m glad they’re finally making these guys now.
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