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Moon horse is such a cutie in this it hurts my heart.
safe (1429922)artist:arjinmoon (101)princess luna (88039)alicorn (163761)pony (698698):> (303):3 (3498)belly button (59710)bipedal (27033)blushing (153908)blush sticker (1733)cheek fluff (3152)crying (35798)cute (148726)ear fluff (17843)explicit source (4507)female (760664)floppy ears (41344)happy (23876)heart (37894)hoof hold (5944)hug (22652)leg fluff (1756)lidded eyes (18711)lineart (14288)lunabetes (2560)mare (335655)monochrome (134508)shoulder fluff (1164)simple background (291033)smiling (183330)solo (876467)tears of joy (1728)teary eyes (2365)white background (72231)


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Background Pony #CBA6
I wholeheartedly agree with the sentiment posted in the description

My god she looks just adorable ;_;
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