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safe (1378042)artist:eeveeglaceon (133)twilight sparkle (251013)tumblr:the sun has inverted (133)alicorn (153168)armor (17710)beam struggle (79)blast (287)blue background (2797)broken glass (168)civil war (132)divided equestria (49)female (710814)fight (4981)glass shard (5)glowing horn (12516)hoof shoes (2323)indigo background (67)magic (54713)magic aura (1648)magic beam (150)magic blast (672)multicolored magic (8)pony (650303)purple background (1674)rainbow (3192)rainbow magic aura (9)rainbow magic beam (5)rainbow magic blast (6)rainbow magic power (7)rainbow power (2405)rebellion (62)resistance (47)reversal attempt (5)reversion attempt (5)shrunken pupils (1487)sidemouth (393)simple background (277621)solo (847438)tumblr (34151)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (96946)violet background (83)wide eyes (13772)


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Background Pony #4CA9
We should see more Rainbow Power Ponies than just the normal ponies, short maned rainbow power ponies, and those that are
not rainbow power alike. But Rainbow Power Ponies with longer manes and tales including more Rainbow Power Pony Vectors.

And maybe there can be more Rainbow Power Pony Vectors?
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