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Cover art for a cute and fluffy Society romance by Snow Quill titled Feathers and Leather
safe1750224 artist:manifest harmony419 oc711801 oc only465372 bat pony52161 griffon27991 pony1010311 bat pony oc18851 beak1050 crying44803 cute205665 digital art20140 eyes closed98040 female1401673 flying39406 frog (hoof)13859 griffon oc2469 happy32180 heart eyes17509 heart nostrils90 holding hooves1701 hug29135 leonine tail9197 lesbian99263 licking20857 mare502072 membranous wings189 mlem912 shipping205650 silly7545 sky14963 smiling260846 spread wings57044 tail wrap6708 tears of joy2641 teary eyes4400 toe beans177 tongue out108234 underhoof53813 wingding eyes23453 wings123062


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