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safe1660112 artist:dstears629 pinkie pie211598 earth pony232038 pony924250 adorkable3455 clothes442824 crystal prep academy uniform3321 cute192798 dork3721 female1322948 glasses59364 mare459068 monochrome146999 pi150 pi day107 pleated skirt4022 ponytail17047 pun7388 school uniform7062 shoes34425 skirt38298 socks63874 solo1034245 teacher920 visual pun1615


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Background Pony #916E
Not sure what pi is supposed to mean. Is pi the angle? If so, the angle is going the wrong direction. (0 to pi goes right to left).
Is pi the circumference? The circle’s perimeter above does equal pi, but you must prove this by showing your work.
Background Pony #8561
LOL Pinkie wearing Sci-Twi EQG outfit… fits well the way you drew this!
Might put it on my blog