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safe (1374679)artist:tcn1205 (238)applejack (142336)rarity (151418)applejack's hat (3316)bed (29345)blanket (3839)blushing (146944)complex background (131)cowboy hat (9603)cuddling (6773)cute (138855)daaaaaaaaaaaw (2400)digital art (6575)earth pony (133431)eyes closed (64053)female (708020)happy (22341)hat (60007)heart (36280)holding hooves (1100)jackabetes (3918)lamp (1781)laying on bed (401)lesbian (77225)lying down (7353)mare (309953)night (18377)nuzzling (3200)pony (648192)raribetes (3389)rarijack (5750)shipping (156153)smiling (172926)squishy cheeks (1654):t (3218)unicorn (183876)weapons-grade cute (2574)


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