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Оригинал >>1983071
safe1704138 artist:jargon scott2405 edit132259 princess cadance32423 queen chrysalis34756 alicorn224045 changeling47502 changeling queen16431 bait and switch632 changeling feeding295 comic109039 crossed arms5084 crossed hooves1942 cyrillic2473 dialogue65413 duo61110 eyes closed93267 female1360967 food69959 gorph4 heart48289 heart eyes16405 hoof hold8282 mare479450 meat1875 mushroom948 onomatopoeia4242 peetzer120 pepperoni429 pepperoni pizza416 pizza1924 ponies eating meat975 russian4491 simple background392637 teasing3752 that pony sure does love pizza118 translation2394 white background97623 wingding eyes22233 yoink61


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