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She can just keep eating till the weight management book is destroyed.  
Edit of >>977780
artist needed25895 safe1879512 artist:editanon23 edit148209 twilight sparkle322108 pony1225412 unicorn401913 ass60864 book37282 bookhorse619 both cutie marks11857 butt142997 chubby14558 crushing782 extra thicc1117 fat24616 female1517271 grayscale41894 large butt21969 looking at you199349 looking back68097 monochrome159041 oblivious558 plot99901 plump7704 question mark5279 simple background463675 sitting72991 solo1195870 stretched cutie mark416 stupid sexy twilight1196 the ass was fat16896 the ass was too fat293 thick5077 twibutt6639 twilard sparkle1504 twilight burgkle557 twilight has a big ass591 unicorn twilight22879 white background117850 wide eyes18210


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You're gay.
Okay, how is this not suggestive? Why does that tag keep getting removed? You can’t have a drawing of a big, fat ass, and that’s the point of the drawing, and be like “No, it’s not suggestive.” That makes no sense.
Background Pony #0B88
The placement of the tail is completely wrong… it makes it look like Twilight is pooping a rainbow on the bookstack