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It is nighttime in Canterlot, and the young prince has had yet another nightmare. Quickly, his parents bring him with them into their own chambers to rest with them, a family together. Asking if he could be turned into a pony, his parents granted his request and turned him to his alicorn form. Quickly the little colt cuddled up into a ball with his parents huddled around him. Now together as a herd as they all drift off to sleep.

Another piece made by the amazing CactusCowboyDan: www.deviantart.com/cactuscowbo…
safe (1426089)artist:cactuscowboydan (72)oc (523773)oc:king speedy hooves (133)oc:queen galaxia (146)oc:tommy the human (149)alicorn (162795)human (130515)pony (694201)alicorn oc (17755)blanket (4034)child (1690)colt (11159)commissioner:bigonionbean (474)cutie mark (33821)family (3476)father and son (642)female (757832)floppy ears (41212)foal (12376)fusion (3507)fusion:king speedy hooves (133)fusion:queen galaxia (114)herd (97)human oc (178)husband and wife (835)male (257113)mare (333978)matress (10)mother and son (2102)pillow (12752)ponified (34207)royal family (58)sleeping (19194)stallion (72695)straight (109195)


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