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Scene from last episode with miserable Ponka Horse immediately remind me of Bojack Horseman, so decided to crossover them, even tho 1 of them ain't like it.
I wanna 5th season of B-Jack so bad, maaaan. ;-;
safe1637625 artist:qbellas96 pinkie pie209751 earth pony223440 pony903367 yakity-sax739 bojack horseman97 clothes434864 crossover59967 dialogue61963 duo54544 floppy ears48813 food65846 forth wall break6 horse-pony interaction175 ice cream4774 open mouth133133 pinkamena diane pie18655 sad23443 speech bubble21665


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Would be funnier if Bojack just finished talking about how shit his life has been and then Pinkie just tells him she’s depressed cause she can’t play an instrument.
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