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Hi everyone so sorry for being dead!!! I havent been posting in a while and i deeply apoligize this was a body pillow ive been working on! If you repost please credit me my deviantart is jugular-jup1t3r!

This is kinda lewd and i apoligize if u dont like it i worked very hard on this pose was inspired and refferenced from adostume on instagram!!! She said it was ok to refference her!
safe1590268 artist:jup1t3r11 princess cadance30579 alicorn198415 pony857245 adorasexy8237 blushing178266 body pillow3412 body pillow design2019 cute181093 cutedance1072 ear fluff23904 female934345 mare421770 plot71696 princess2066 profile5522 prone23528 sexy24560 solo982872 spread wings48430 two toned wings1699 wing fluff1455 wings79243


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