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Hi everyone so sorry for being dead!!! I havent been posting in a while and i deeply apoligize this was a body pillow ive been working on! If you repost please credit me my deviantart is jugular-jup1t3r!

This is kinda lewd and i apoligize if u dont like it i worked very hard on this pose was inspired and refferenced from adostume on instagram!!! She said it was ok to refference her!
safe (1377233)artist:jup1t3r (11)princess cadance (27243)adorasexy (7047)alicorn (153015)blushing (147290)body pillow (2742)body pillow design (1701)cute (139420)cutedance (615)ear fluff (16466)female (710119)mare (311038)plot (62359)pony (649817)princess (1846)profile (3863)prone (19748)sexy (17011)solo (846986)spread wings (39108)two toned wings (836)wing fluff (1158)wings (47683)


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