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Looks like someone forgot to put on their panties…
explicit417320 artist:rambon7302 rainbow dash259392 human203850 equestria girls233951 accidental exposure465 all fours3684 ass68943 bent over4966 blushing238807 bottomless15697 breasts343428 butt179229 casual nudity9107 clothes559530 comic123900 commando553 disembodied arm126 disembodied hand3456 embarrassed13610 embarrassed nude exposure2588 exercise825 face down ass up10290 faceless human719 female1604078 hand10801 imminent sex9058 looking back74128 looking over shoulder4427 miniskirt5764 no panties2732 nsfworkout608 nudity452495 partial nudity25484 presenting29806 rainbutt dash5272 reasonably sized breasts2754 sexy38020 skirt48030 stretching2784 stupid sexy rainbow dash4175 trainer47 vulva161122 wardrobe malfunction5880


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A nice thicc Rainbooty. Now shake those bootycheeks!
Though someone outta spank her, and let her twerk!

What the fuck kind of exercise is this? As far as I know, the only time you’d hold her feet like that would be for sit ups, which she is facing the wrong way for. Boner-killer…
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nobody's favorite
How does someone forget to put on underwear?
I think the bigger question is how someone forgets they aren’t wearing any. But let’s be honest, Dash isn’t particularly smart.
Background Pony #B7E6
I think that would be fine  
especially if they are frilly panties would be amazing if you could do it

@Brony kaiju soldier  
It’s also a good idea to make her workout a bit more challenging. Finger her while holding her down, pin her ankles with a leg to keep a hand free. Good fun for us, a good time for her, but she’d probably want not to moan out her release before her routine is done, so she’d better hurry.