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safe1602179 screencap209234 berry blend400 berry bliss402 fluttershy201540 gallus6080 november rain521 ocellus4779 peppermint goldylinks404 sandbar4928 silverstream5538 smolder7015 yona4655 classical hippogriff4579 dragon49947 earth pony211371 griffon24806 hippogriff8608 pegasus252704 pony870662 unicorn279738 yak4148 teacher of the month (episode)123 spoiler:interseason shorts828 background pony9568 butt39269 cute183942 diaocelles975 eyes closed82910 female1274530 friendship student1497 gallabetes810 mare433595 offscreen character30702 open mouth127764 peppermint adoralinks40 plot72370 raised hoof40134 shyabetes12228 student six1483 teenager4398 yonadorable720


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