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Cadance Hearts & Hooves FINAL

Welp. I’d say she got plenty of love from you all, don’t you?

Seriously, thanks for supporting me – and Cadance’s appetite – everyone! I’m still awestruck by how big you all got her to be, you’re all too kind. Hope you all enjoyed this sequence~
questionable (96193)artist:sirmasterdufel (710)princess cadance (26497)shining armor (18789)series:cadance hearts & hooves drive (11)alicorn (142874)belly (18710)belly bed (1815)bingo wings (1087)blob (1463)both cutie marks (7077)breasts (180131)chubby cheeks (2319)fat (16431)fat boobs (359)fat fetish (813)female (664293)fetish (25873)floating heart (661)heart (34496)high res (11087)huge ass (5309)huge belly (1028)immobile (1909)impossibly large ass (4855)impossibly large belly (7046)impossibly large everything (693)impossibly obese (367)large ass (8442)lovebutt (771)magic (51661)male (225410)morbidly obese (5624)neck roll (438)obese (8408)plot (58522)pony (593831)princess decadence (127)rolls of fat (908)shiningcadance (2026)shipping (149164)size difference (9305)stomach noise (2107)straight (100798)stretched cutie mark (233)telekinesis (17960)the ass was fat (9866)throne (2110)weight gain (2827)weight gain sequence (325)


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33 comments posted
OtherFritz's avatar
Good lord! Such magnificent corpulence! Such an awe-inspiring mound of a princess!
Just look at Shining back there! In this moment, he is the luckiest stallion in Equestria!
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Background Pony #2966
So huge. At this size, this softness, I’d be in heaven no matter where I humped her blobby form.
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Comments33 comments posted