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NOOOWWW WITH THIS SHIPPPPP (yeah i ship it, let me be happy please ;w)
WEllp this is a Little thing that i am working on right now xD it is about drawing the mane six families in the future (of course, these are my favorite shipps, but also i’m gonna try doing others with some of my oc’s too)
Yep, Big Mac and Fluttershy are married, they did have just one child, Ema!
U can read about her if you want in…: www.deviantart.com/malinraf161…
The other one, is her adoptive brother (an oc of mine, i’m working in his reference)
Fluttershy couldn’t have more babies after Ema, so she and Mac decided to adopt a baby, somepony who needs love, and a family (also is a HE xD BUT i liked the idea of drawing him quite femenine and fragile)
Hope u all liked it!!
first one with Soarindash:
safe1751929 artist:malinraf1615239 big macintosh28847 fluttershy217360 oc712536 oc:ema7 unnamed oc1892 earth pony266467 pegasus309660 pony1011797 adopted offspring1132 alternate hairstyle29101 beard3802 braid6149 braided tail1223 chest fluff41292 colt15485 facial hair6221 family4562 female1403101 filly69737 floppy ears54600 fluttermac3019 hat90475 jewelry68477 male388471 mare502805 missing cutie mark4782 necklace20567 no pupils4192 obtrusive watermark4891 offspring40924 parent:big macintosh3360 parent:fluttershy5144 parents:fluttermac1475 plaid shirt254 prone26381 raised hoof48469 shipping205832 simple background409641 stallion115907 straight140456 transparent background209082 watermark16952


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