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Sombra is red, Radiant is blue, This love "I guess" will come true. ^^


Crystal Empire Pack:…



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cheng weng hoe
@Background Pony #167A

sombra look crystal heart is incubus king sombra umbrum smoke evil in (FIENDship is Magic #1: Sombra)

(Siege of the Crystal Empire) vol 36

Some of his pain in the body umbrum is very painful, then sombra himself escaped the arctic wasfe knot cold now guards pony save his sombra. Now these stories (FIENDship is Magic #1: Sombra)

umbrum in the King Sombra evil!
Sombra in description:
note the lack of "king" bofore his name. this dethroned despot may have a second chance to be the good pony his best friend always knew he could be…